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Coffee of the Hawai’ian Islands


Single Estate coffees from the world famous Kona coffee region, located on the western facing slopes Hawai’i’s Big Island. 


The unsung hero of Hawai’ian coffees, the Ka’ū coffee region is located on the southern facing slopes Big Island’s Mouna Loa, an active volcano.


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Our Coffees

All our coffees are 100% Hawai’ian grown, processed and roasted. Where possible, we source our coffees directly from the farmers who grow them, and then roast in these Single Estate batches. 

Roasting in Single Estate batches enables us to retain the unique and subtle variations of each farm and their processing methods, in each cup of coffee you drink.


All our coffees are 100% Hawai’ian coffees – no exceptions. Where possible, we sell Single Estate coffees from incredible farms across the islands. Our Single Origin coffees blend the best from a Hawai’ian coffee region that will blow your socks off.


We don’t take short cuts. Serving and selling 100% Hawai’ian coffees from select farms around the islands does mean that sometimes we run out of stock. And that’s ok. Following nature’s cycles and the cycles of our farmers is what keeps us close the spirit of aloha and coffee integrity.


Freshly roasted coffee – its a whole different ball game. We roast in smaller batches to keep the coffee batches fresh. And our unique SMALL BATCH line puts you in the dirivng seat – once you order, we roast, let it breathe for a day, and then ship, ensuring you the freshes roast, always.

What Customers Are Saying

“Your Ka’ū coffees are incredible! I’d only ever heard of Kona coffee but to experience the richness of another coffee from another part of the Big Island – and a single estate too – has truy shifted my perspective on the depth of Hawai’ian coffees. Thank you!”

“Friends on the mainland loved your coffees, thank you! And thank you for making shipping to them such a painless experience. You’ll definitely be hearing from me again!”

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